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Put your FamilyFirst with the app that lets you know where your children are any time of day or night. You can chat with them, see where they have been and know when they get to school, home or their friend’s house safely.
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Education Secretary Nicky Morgan MP supports FamilyFirst!
“As a parent I think Family First is fantastic example of how we can take technology we are already using and combine it with clever software to make something that really works…"
"… help parents keep track of their children’s whereabouts, allowing them to check that they have arrived safely to school, alerting them if they stray from their usual schedule.”
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Your kids feel free, yet safe knowing you know where they are
FamilyF1rst is not about spying on your children, but about freeing them. Kids can confidently go about their life knowing that their parents know where they are, not needing to check in all the time, and build trust within the family.
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Arrange a place to meet with a tap of the map
Parents can set agreed places and times to be at, such as school or home, or places and times NOT to be at (like home when school is on!). And when parent or child wants to meet up for lunch, or to buy the latest top, either can suggest a location to meet.
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Safety of your children always comes F1rst
From a missed bus to something more serious, your child can alert you with a single tap of the app, perhaps if a phone call is not needed or not possible there and then.
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