FamilyFirst is a unique system to ensure parents can confidently know where their children are by tracking the one things today’s kids always have with them – their smart phone. Initially developed by Groupcall, market leaders in educational software and applications for over 15 years, FamilyFirst has been built with both parents and children in mind. FamilyFirst is not about spying on children Big-Brother style, but a mechanism to build trust between parent and child about their whereabouts; their self-reliance to get to school, home or friend’s house on time. Further, FamilyFirst gives confidence to children, particularly younger children and teens going out with mum and dad for the first times, that they are just a click away and do know where they are. FamilyFirst provides multiple navigation facilities to help children and parents in knowing where each other are, guiding them to each other and the destinations.

The team behind FamilyFirst have a passion for education technology, as well as the safety and security of children; knowing that kids will be kids, but want them to grow up safely.
Our Team
Lawrence Royston
Managing Director

Has twenty years experience in designing software solutions to solve business problems. After a period developing software in a shipping communications software house, Lawrence started a software development company with Joanne Royston and a couple of colleagues.

The company produced the first windows-based unified messaging and shipbroking database within the shipping community. The company installed software in 50 countries and was a leading provider in the sector.

The company was sold in 2001 to its nearest rival. At the time of sale, the company employed 30 people, had a multi-million pound turnover and had offices in central London. Lawrence was Managing Director.

Lawrence conceived the Groupcall Messenger product with Joanne and evolved not only the product but also relationships with major industry partners, building Groupcall to it's successful acquisition in 2018 by Community Brands to join a large global business.

Joanne Royston
Operations Director

Joanne has over 15 years experience in accounting and running efficient companies; Joanne ran the customer liaison and accounting functions along with managing the steady running of the shipbroking software business.

Within Groupcall, Joanne was company secretary running all accounting functions, managing customer response and responsiveness. Joanne also provided ongoing day to day customer support and managed the company's relationship with the service providers.

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