key features
Register with the basic of details to create your account. Once verified, you can ‘pair’ with your child’s phone, who also can register on their own device.
Add your children
Your child is in complete control over who ‘pairs’ with them, so only you or other parents and guardians can connect with them.
See instantly where your child is now on the map, and where they have been today.
Receive device alerts on your phone, even when the app is closed. Notifications can be when your child arrives at a location, a chat message or an emergency call for help.
Set up as many ‘Places’ as you want, which you can set as locations for your child to go to (or not go to) at certain times or days, and be alerted to their locations.
Set up the events you would like to be notified about, such as when your child arrives, or fails to arrive on time to a location, or even when their battery is running low!
Instant messaging within the app lets you and your child keep in touch.
Help Me
You child can feel at ease knowing the app has a one-tap button to call for help if they need – perhaps in time or situations when they cannot call you. You as the parent will receive an instant notification AND SMS text message with details of when and where they are, and what they need.
key actions
See where your child has been with a route map, going back as long as you have been using the app.
take me to my child
In one click, be given a route to your child’s current location.
where are you
Your child can request to know where you are, which you can either accept or reject. If accepted, your location will appear on their device.
meet me
Choose a location to meet your child and be directed to that location. Your child can also request the same!
child list
See a list of all your children ‘paired’ to you, and have all these functions for each child.
Battery Request
Find out instantly how much battery your child’s phone has left – no more excuses for being home late!
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